anthony hadden / art director / designer


history: In 2005 two friends, Ted Finegold and Ian Crossland started Wenatchee and Leavenworth marathons for two purposes: bring world-class running events to the Wenatchee Valley and to raise funds for cancer research. In an ironic twist, Ted was diagnosed with cancer in 2006 and eventually succumbing to the disease in July of 2010. After Ted's passing, I was asked to help re-brand and re-structure the marathons. 

strategy: In coming up with the new name and brand we leaned into three things that were already present within the marathons: Ted himself, endurance events, and cancer. In our brainstorming and discussions one word kept coming to the surface: DRIVE. Ted himself was a driven person. He created a way to help others better themselves and help others at the same time. It takes drive to train and finish an endurance event. It takes drive to push through when a disease like cancer touches your life. From these sentences we crafted the statement: Ted drives us to better ourselves and the world​​​​​​​ which encapsulates the founding principles and any future endeavors.

TedDriven holds two premier running events a year, the Wenatchee Marathon in April and the Leavenworth Oktoberfest Marathon in September that support cancer research and local organizations in the Wenatchee Valley. Each year I create a new look for each event.

Run a marathon / support cancer research